Beginning in 2015 when Dianne was reelected as Mayor of Oradell and Roger and I joined the council, we began immediately working as a team to address issues facing the borough. We were fortunate to have Andrew Rudman join us the following year and Rob Jannicelli the year after. Andrew had to step down this year and we were lucky to have Miriam Yu fill his seat. The five of us have worked hard on our common goals — put Oradell first and make quality of life our top priority. The last two years we have been fortunate to work with Steve Carnevale and now Tom Kelly — not the same party but we all have the same goal of making Oradell the best it can be. Working across the aisle has been a win-win for the entire council and Mayor Didio.

Put Oradell First is a coalition of Oradell residents of different political perspectives.

It was created to foster a healthy two-party system and preserve Oradell's heritage through sound fiscal management and open government. Our movement is supported by local volunteers interested in preserving choice and putting the welfare of our town and its residents ahead of traditional politics.

Our Mission

To operate and maintain a grass roots network of people that is open, inclusive and accessible to all; a community organization that reaches out to all people increasing participation in local issues and elections and serving as the focus for election of candidates to local offices. We seek to educate, recruit, and mobilize Oradell residents to support principles and values, and to elect candidates who support those principles and values.


Email us: putoradellfirst@gmail.com