As Oradell continues to evolve and its governmental leaders begin to explore new opportunities to enhance our community, we will continue to keep our friends and fellow residents informed of all new initiatives that affect our great community.   We will continue to push harder to explore the core values our community deserves and continue to run candidates that share in our vision for an even better Oradell. 

Our elected officials are always fighting to stabilize taxes while fostering the possibility of shared services with our neighboring communities.  The next generation of leaders in our town will be challenged with many issues that will no doubt impact the future growth and redevelopment of our municipality. Together, with the help of our residents, I am confident that we can achieve great success.

As Chairman, I am committed to bringing a revitalized leadership team to the forefront.  Through the means of community outreach via the internet, and social media, we recognize that the future of Oradell is inseparable from technology and the information age.  We will continue to stay in touch with everyone through these various mediums and we encourage all of you to stay in touch with us so we may be a conduit to your elected officials.

Our focus is and will always continue to be a team where everyone has a seat at the table and will have access to their governmental leaders.  Put Oradell First welcomes your ideas and opinions and will continue to strive towards a government that is truly of the people, for the people and by the people.

Put Oradell First is a coalition of Oradell residents of different political perspectives.

Put Oradell First is comprised of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, who came together in response to Oradell's one-party system that was not responsive to Oradell's needs. It was created to foster a healthy two-party system and preserve Oradell's heritage through sound fiscal management and open government. Our movement is supported by local volunteers interested in preserving choice and putting the welfare of our town and its residents ahead of traditional politics.

Our Mission

To operate and maintain a grass roots network of people that is open, inclusive and accessible to all; a community organization that reaches out to all people increasing participation in local issues and elections and serving as the focus for election of candidates to local offices. We seek to educate, recruit, and mobilize Oradell residents to support principles and values, and to elect candidates who support those principles and values.


Email us: putoradellfirst@gmail.com